About the Review

For the record, I am not an art historian, or an art expert of any kind.  I have, however, been to a fair number of art museums, and noticed the one thing they all have in common: they all contain freaking weird stuff. 

Oh, sure, there are lovely portraits and landscapes that are wonderfully executed and brilliantly banal.  There is modern art, which largely consists of stuff some guy got when he accidentally broke his chair, or knocked a can of paint over onto a sheet.  But what catches my attention are the works that both contain recognizable forms, and little details that make you go, "Huh?" 

Maybe the proportions are weird, or the facial expressions of the subjects are just a bit uncomfortably manic.  Somebody had to think of the idea of a pink bubble-submarine in paradise.  Somebody had to deliberately paint in a pig wearing a nun's wimple in hell.  Somebody decided the best way to represent the choir of heavenly angels was to show them all having angry PMS faces. 

Don't get me wrong, sarcasm aside, I do enjoy looking at art.  Just not in a "Hmm-yes-I-like-his-use-of-symbolism-and-three-point-perspective" kind of way.  This blog exists as a tribute to the weird details that keep life interesting.


  1. enjoyed the piece on 'massacre of the innocents'. heck, i've enjoyed the whole place.

    one thing, though. my thought at looking at the detail of the crazy uncle with the squid hat is that appears to be a rommel pot in his hands. especially how he is holding it. that may be ludicrous, given i don't know the age or distribution of rommel pot players. i'm just going off the appearance.

    egg-sealant blog you have here.

    1. Thank you very much! I'm glad you've been enjoying the place. You're right on the rommel pot - I've responded to your comment on the Feast piece.