Sunday, 4 March 2012

Lions and Tigers and Leopards, Oh My

Peter Paul Ruben's "Tiger- und Löwenjagd" is an explosion of testosterone, felines, and good old mutilation.  I am not sure where this group of manly men have gone hunting that they have encountered lions, leopards, AND tigers.  I can only assume that hunting for any one was deemed not enough of a challenge, so perhaps they invaded a local zoo, freed all of the big cats, and then poked them with sticks.  Either that, or it was some kind of intercontinental Felidae Family Reunion.  In fact, the latter might be possible, seeing as the Tiger Family brought along their cubs.

Cubs that the hunters would like to make into adorable stuffed toys!  If they don't get too mutilated by the swords/spears/knives.  We now see why Daddy Tiger is trying to rip that man's arm off.

As for the hunters themselves, most of them look ready to go into full-on zoological melee combat.  These guys, however, seem to not have gotten the memo that they were going to be attacking a full interspecies herd, and instead arrived prepared only for Manly Naked Lion Wrestling.

Alternatively, maybe they are just trying to kindly extract a rotten tooth from the lion's mouth.  With their BARE HANDS.

Finally, there are these two:
They look SO BORED.  "Ho hum, just passing the time with some tiger slaughter.  Yawn.  Hopefully we'll be home in time for Strictly Come Dancing."

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