Thursday, 7 August 2014

Mini-Post: Toasty Baby Furnace

Another nativity quickie:
The Adoration of the Shepherds – Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo, 1530s
My main concern with this one is that these shepherds don’t look to be adoring him so much as huddling around him for warmth.  I do not know much about babies, but I am pretty sure if they are glowing and radiating enough heat to warm your hands, you should probably be taking them to the doctor.

Also, the little vignette in the background where the angel appears to the shepherds to say “Oy!  Go see this baby!” kind of looks like heaven is about to rain divine fire or lasers down on these unsuspecting people.

 Fortunately after pissing themselves in fear, there is a cracklin' baby fire waiting for them to dry off.


  1. Is it Heaven in the background doing that or is it college kids? (Reference to crop circles and college kids making them with boards and rope...Sorry, what's that? Not funny if you have to explain it? Correct.)
    It's funny because that's exactly what I saw, everyone warming their hands by the warmth of JC. Some questions: What is JC holding? Why is his torso so weird looking? And why does he have Eddie Munster's hairline?

    1. It's hard to tell from this view, so those might indeed be some very drunk/high college kids getting hazed by Heaven.

      I had assumed JC was holding a plastic baggie as a toy, given the other lack of care for his wellbeing displayed here. And maybe he IS a young Eddie Munster.

  2. Baby Jesus seems to be holding some kind of jellyfish in his left hand, so maybe the shepherd is holding up his hands to protect himself from a stinging lunge. Mary was quite a big girl for her time - I wonder if she played basketball for a local Jerusalem team.

    1. A jellyfish is another good option for that thing. It makes me think of a superpower move from G Gundam - I can just hear JC powering up to unleash a devastating attack and crying, "Jellyfish God Stinger!"