Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Art for the Tormented Soul (With Delicious Pancakes)

 Today we'll be going a little out of my usual taste into the realm of Expressionism, or art that "doesn't shun the violently unpleasant effect," and is willing to "throw some terrific 'fuck you's."  That is definitely what I look for in art, for those times when life hasn't thrown enough of its own lately.

You probably know Edvard Munch for the painting "The Scream."  Munch was Norwegian, which explains a lot.  
Oh God!  It's November!  This is the last of the sun I will see until January!

However, that is not the painting I would like to bring to your attention.  Rather, I present for your enjoyment "Golgotha."

In dramatic fingerpaint fashion, it depicts the scene of Jesus' crucifixion, capturing the tense moment when all the tentacle monsters reached out to him in a great swarm.  Front and center are the faces of evil.

They grin in delight at the impending tentacle-doom.  (I assume the guy on the right is grinning under drooping papayas on his face, although he also seems to have an alien about to burst from his skull, so it might be a grimace.)  To the far left lurks another creature...

What is it?  Is it someone's body?  Is it the face of someone with a disproportionately large head?  Is it a giant pancake?  Is it a pancake WITH a face?  The world may never know.  It's quite a serene Pancake-Face, all things considered.

Really the best part of this image, however, is this:

Jesus is up there on the cross, he's not serene, or angry, or in torment...his expression is more like a worried puppy.  "Uh....guys?  This is all a bit awkward.  Could you stop being all tentacle-y and amorphous and evil and just get along?  Please?"

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